Prevent Legionella infection

Legionella Douche filter prevents Legionella infection

Legionella Protector!


WaterShield introduces the newest Ultra membrane Legionella protector technique that prevents you a legionellosis or Legionnaires’ disease is rising while showering. This new technique is even more pure and has a filtering capacity that is twice till seven times larger. The new filter technology has a filtering capacity 6500 liters per filter (Depends on Water Quality). Also, the filter is purer and more constant. Safe showering & consumption of pure drinking water until the last drop!

Membrane filters

The WaterShield filter membrane is consists a bundle of hollow fibre membranes and our exclusive patented Ceramic in a tube. The space between the membranes and the tube is hermetically sealed with epoxy resin or optimized glue for drinking water. Since the membrane with a small filtration surface can clean a lot of water, the filter can be produced very compact. That makes him ideally suited to apply it at the end of the pipe in hand showers and wall showers.

What get the filters from the water

The Legionella Membrane filters remove bacteria and viruses from water greater than or equal to 0.00010 mm. This means that when the water has passed the filter there is left a 99.9% bacterial safe drinking and shower water. This same technique is used By dialysis.

How does the filter work

The filter consists of hundreds of straws in which the dirty water from the outside to the inside of the straws flows. With the naked eye, these ultra-small holes cannot be seen, but they are there. This hole has a diameter of 0.00010 mm which stops all harmful bacteria and viruses. The filter is an absolute filter. This means that it continues to operate until it is becoming clogged and the water flow will be reduced. This principle provides a permanent guarantee of safe drinking water.

Care Institutions

Legionella can occur everywhere, but makes the most casualties while showering. People with low resistances, the elderly and babies are at most risk. An infection occurs therefore frequently in hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare institutions. With the new WaterShield anti-Legionella hand shower can be very simple and permanent manner to prevent contamination. By using this technique, each year hundreds of lives are saved.


Pure water at home

Although in many countries the existing central water treatment is effective, the drinking water supplied is not sterile. Bacteria survive and multiply in the water distributionsystem, which leads to a reduced quality of drinking water. The situation becomes especially more dangerous when – due to poor maintenance of the distribution system – ground water is absorbed in the purified water.

Old houses and apartment buildings are often still with lead pipes. The separated lead can reach dangerous concentrations and should be removed at the point of use. Houses and apartment buildings are often still with lead pipes. The separated lead can reach dangerous concentrations and should be removed at the point of use.

Bacterial Prevention in water tap installations

There are bacteria In tap water. These multiplies themselves easily in the water drink dispensing systems which serve to cool or to provide carbon dioxide.

To prevent bacterial growth and to neutralize any bad taste of tap water, we place at the entrance of the dispensing active combine unit water filter Dual Stage C.

For the re-growth bacteria in the tap, has different water filters in the assortment program.

Pathogenic Organisms in water

Pathogenic Organisms in water

On this page you can find a Pathogenic Organisms description of some of the most common bacteria & Virus in every Home, institution, building, factory & etc. water that we are using on daily basic.

Legionella pneumophila
Shigella stool
Salmonella enterica
Vibrio_ Cholerae
Vibrio Cholerae
Bacillus subtilis Gram
Enterococcus faecalis
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Giardia lamblia
Escherichia _Coli
Enterococcus faecalis


The importance of safe water

The importance of safe water

Do you ever wonder yourself about the water you drink?

Water consumption is something that we all, rich or poor, common in this world. We all need to survive. Our body is about 70% water after all.

Water penetrates every cell of the human body and regulates vital bodily functions such as metabolism, digestion, circulation and much more. Water also plays an important role in the brains, the thought process and mood. Water is the carrier of all bodily functions. Water is so important because of its properties as a solvent, transport and cleaning. It transports and distributes nutrients, waste products, maintains osmotic pressure in cells and regulates our body temperature. All metabolic processes and the secretion of toxins through kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs are only possible in conjunction with water.
In 24 hours time flows 2,000 liters of blood in our kidneys and is approximately 2.5 liters of water excreted. This loss should be replaced by a day at least 2 liters of water to drink, so that all agencies can meet their specific tasks. As a general rule, a person needs 30 ml of water per kg of body weight.
A water shortage slows all metabolic processes and other bodily functions, dry cells and the aging process is accelerated considerably. Foreign substances accumulate in joints, tissue and the vascular system and cause various diseases.

Safety of the water is equally important

Every community in the world strives for a safe and reliable water supply .But often due to inadequate sanitary facilities, man made accidents or natural water supplies threatened and micro-biologically contaminated.

Micro-organisms such as bacteria, cysts and viruses continuously threaten the safety of our drinking water and make it necessary to protect us against these pathogens.

Scientific research has shown that the usual concentration of coli-form bacteria (e coli – Escherichia coli) in surface water varies between 105 per 100 ml (also expressed as log 5) and 109 per 100 ml for sewage. Considering that only one dose of 103 needed for immune compromised people intestinal infection causing the water after treatment must not be more than 1 per 100 ml remains or a reduction of at least 6 logs (99.9%).

Cysts (such as cryptosporidium and giardia) are the largest in the water occurring micro-organisms (3-6 micron). They occur in surface waters at a concentration of 10 per litre. They are highly contagious and cannot be after purification in the water, which is a 3 log (99.9%) removal means.

The concentration of enteroviruses (e.g. Polio and Rotavirus) in surface water is estimated at 102 -104 per litre. It is generally accepted that no viruses drinking water (

The above treatment standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ‘ in the U.S. in their “Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water purifiers.

Since 1976, we know that not only captured bacteria are a serious threat to health. Bacteria (Legionella) with water steam are inhaled, can cause a severe form of pneumonia (Legionella Pneumophila).

Most common pathogens in surface

Viruses Size/µm
Hepatitis A-E 0,027
Poliomyelitis 0.028
Entero virus 0.032
Norwalk virus 0.032
Adeno virus 0.072
Rota virus 0.072
Bacteria Size/µm
E.coli 0,50
Salmonella 1.00
Vibrio cholera 0.45
Shigella 0.50
Pseudomonas aer. 0.50
Campylobacter 0.50
Protozoa Size/µm
Cryptosporidium 5
Gardia Lamblia 7
Entamoeba 10