Watershield membrane filters

Water Shield is an innovative company that specializes in .
These membrane filters are used in various applications such as in hospitals for dialysis but also for safe drinking water.

Safe drinking and shower water is now no longer being ignored. That can be found mainly in public buildings for residents, guests and patients. Inhalation of vapor may cause legionellosis extremely unpleasant consequences. It’s been shown that more than 18% of the elderly and people with lesser resistance to this die. It is a major concern for the manager of the building because the effects on business are considerable damage. The fact is that if a collective drinking water installation does not comply with the applicable regulations and the assessment regarding the control of Legionella bacteria in the Netherlands BRL K 14010), the owner / operator liability.

The final membrane filters (point of use) of the brand WaterShield, ensure that you have for an extended period, legionella free, safe showering, drinking water using the Tap-Filter or In-Line to get safe water to drink. These products WaterShield have are an average of 6500 – 33000 liters free from all the germs (Depends on Water Quality and amount of water consumption) contain a micro 0.1 µm filter which been implant in the filter house and are based on the double-walled Hollow-Fiber & Ceramic technology.

All our membrane filters are based on the latest technology and individually tested at the factory. WaterShield has specialized for years in membrane technology allowing us to introduce our highly innovative filter the flood of your entire building guarantee, the Point of Entry (entering the water at the water meter) to the Point of use (user point)

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